EPA Requirements
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Environmental Protection Agency Requirements

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for issues related to the engine exhaust emissions (pollution) of vehicles sold or imported into the US.

In order to import a non-conforming vehicle, you must be designated as an Independent Commercial Importer (ICI) with the EPA.  Mesa Auto Wholesalers does not hold a (ICI) certificate and is not designated as an ICI, however we contract out to a certified ICI.

While EPA does not have a list of ICI's online, we have provided a link to the EPA Regulations and the actual text of the requirements.

In order for an ICI to import a vehicle which is six years of age, or newer, the ICI must have a certificate on the specific engine family and year model vehicle. However, some vehicles are cost prohibitive due to the modifications required.

Vehicles produced after 1996 are especially difficult and costly due to Onboard Diagnostic requirements.  In addition to the modifications, EPA requires the vehicle undergo the federal testing procedures to provide proof of conformance.  These procedures are extremely sensitive and the standards are stringent.
LINK: http://www.epa.gov/otaq/ld-hwy.htm